About OLORUNNIPA (In Memoriam):

Chief Philip Eniolorunda Olorunnipa

Visionary leader guiding our organization.

The Olorunnipa Cares Foundation is committed to fostering positive community change through collective action. We empower individuals, promote sustainable initiatives, and address education, healthcare, and poverty challenges for a lasting impact on lives. Join us in creating a brighter future.


Our History and Mission

Rooted in Chief Philip Eniolorunda Olorunnipa's legacy of impactful service, our mission is to carry forward his vision of making the world a better place.

Our Values

Love: Unconditional care for all, mirroring Chief Olorunnipa’s compassion.
Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding: Bringing light, unity, and solutions to challenges.
Service and Giving: Prioritizing selfless giving to make a positive impact.
Leadership with Integrity: Upholding the highest standards in all our endeavors.

Our Goals

Support and Guidance: Providing comfort, counsel, and strength to those in need.

Achievement: Striving to be catalysts for positive change, achieving visionary goals fearlessly.

Our organization is a living tribute to Chief Philip Eniolorunda Olorunnipa, embodying his values to impact the world with love, wisdom, and unwavering integrity

What We Do

Create A Better Future

Education For Child

Health Consultancy

Poverty Elimination

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